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PE: How to Use Masking Fluid
Traditional Art Week
I use lots of watercolors in my mixed media works and people once in a while ask me how do I paint backgrounds so that objects or characters do not get painted at the same time. I often just paint background around a character quickly with free hand, but if I want to be more precise and when there are lots of jagged edges or tiny details to go round, I use masking fluid to protect those.
Here is a little tutorial how I use masking fluid in my mixed media works! You can use same tips in your pure watercolor artworks – the fluid still works similarly.
What is masking fluid?
Masking fluid is a handy tool if you want to leave some areas unpainted when painting with watercolors. It allows you to paint freely over the masked areas so you can avoid painting around complicated characters – instead you can just paint over them.
Masking fluid made of rubber, latex, ammonia and in some case there is also pigment added on
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Stuff that happens to DD Suggesters!
I have dreamed of writing this journal for a long time now! :D For this DD Celebration Week, here are some funny/strange/awkward things that have happened to me or things that I have done during this awesome journey! Please share your experiences too! :eager:
I always read the comments of my suggested DDs. I always comment on them too.
Sometimes, I have sent notes to random people and, by instinct and habit, I write to the Subject box “DD Suggestion”! :lol: Once or twice, I have actually sent these notes to them, before noticing the wrong title!
Sometimes I accidentally push the Send button before writing the DD description. And then I have to send it again. :facepalm:
Copy... paste... send... Wait, no, no, I forgot the descrip.... Oh, great.
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Hi guys, it's been some time!

I'm already preparing for my new year's resolutions and I'm drawing up a plan for myself to improve my artwork. I know I didn't upload all of my work, but I completed Inktober this year without missing a single day and found out that working according to a schedule fixed in advance works very very well for me. So, I'm going to set assignments for myself. I'm mapping out the aspects of my art that need improving and one of the things I realised is that my pieces come out looking very different each time in terms of style and colours because I work very intuitively (i.e. I never plan in advance what I am going to do). I know we've discussed this before and maybe my work is not as inconsistent as I think, but in any case I want to introduce more consistency. And consistency means... knowing what I'm doing :') So I was wondering, do you guys use a fixed colour palette for your work? I follow a couple of artists who stick to the principle of using the three primary colours to mix colours only, such as in this piece by the amazing Ner-Tamin:

Simple things study by Ner-Tamin

Especially with digital art it is so easy to go wild with colours :crazy: And a lot of times I end up having to repaint a piece in its entirety because the colours are just totally wrong. Knowing what I'm going to do will also enable me to work faster :XD: So, my question is, if you've got a palette (for either digital or traditional art), how did you arrive at it?

And then another thing. I want to consciously start looking for elements in my art that make it recognizably mine and develop those elements/carry them over when I'm working in a different medium. Do you work on developing a distinct drawing style and if so, how do you go about it? What elements do you like about my art? :)

Thanks so much for your help :heart:


Book nerds
Part of a collab I'm doing on Tumblr. Someone else is going to colour my lines. Might colour them myself at some point, because I need the practise :') Doing this type of fan art (drawing from imagination in stead of copying stills and obsessing too much over getting somebody's likeness exactly right) has really set me on a new path and I am enjoying the journey so much. I hope this still makes for a nice image even if you're unfamiliar with the characters.


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